PU MF Flooring System, Abbatoir Slaughter Plant, Shah Alam
Polyurethane resin flow applied self-smoothing flooring provides a matt finish floor surface that is ideally suited to predominantly dry working environments where an impact and abrasion resistant hard wearing smooth floor finish is required. Typical areas for installation would be pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, engineering and packaging areas. In the early days these floors were referred to as self levelling and in some quarters still are. This description should be applied with caution as at 2-3mm in thickness the levelling properties are limited although (unlike smooth gloss epoxy self smoothing floors) the matt finish does not highlight undulations that exist in the structural floor slab. Self smoothing polyurethane resin floors provide hard wearing attractive surfaces that are chemically resistant, impervious and easy to clean. Available in a wide range of colours polyurethane resin self-smoothing flooring is ideal for industrial and commercial locations where a durable, hygienic dust free environment is important e.g. laboratories, clean rooms, assembly and packaging areas. If a gloss finish is required this can be achieved by either applying a surface coating or selecting a gloss epoxy resin self smoothing system as opposed to the matt polyurethane. Applied at a thickness of 2-3mm self smoothing polyurethane resin floor toppings are capable of withstanding a far greater degree of wear and tear than a high build resin floor coating and when applied at a thickness of 4-6mm are deemed to be suitable for very heavy duty environments. Whilst self-smoothing polyurethane resin floors will scratch, scuff and gouge if subjected to heavy traffic it is virtually unheard of for the floor to be sufficiently damaged to the point where the underlying concrete floor slab is exposed. An anti-slip dressing should be considered in areas where a slip hazard might arise from water ingress, operational spillages or debris that may land on the floor.
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